Testfolio Alpha

Version 3.9/2022
Ensemble de cubes de Rubik


This sixth graphic iteration of my virtual Testfolio Alpha is a user's digest of everything you should know, before publishing, on the pitfalls of content production for the net, from the perspective of the web author concerned about the protection of his/her intellectual property rights, and, as such, willing to prepare his/her future affiliation to my master franchising solution, currently under "organic incubation" by the formula.
Conceived as a return on user experience pertaining to my pre-audit of the Mac environment (2013), this checklist will help you to gain insight into the many problems to which the formula brings as many concept solutions at each stage of the production process. To follow through the successive steps of the development thereof, please blog in for the catch-up thread on my Blogfolio 2013 (by following the RSS icon redirection below).
From the resume to the integration thereof in a lifetime perspective augmented with a multimedia gallery conveying the vintage effects characteristic of the generation to which you belong, the purpose of this website is to enable you to synchronize your efforts with mine, regardless of your age, so as to ensure that your final registration, as soon as my web portal is operational, will be experienced as a victorious crossing of the finishing line.
Let's start from the beginning!


Masterfolio in Progress

As an essential component of the four modules which constitute my Netfolio, the Testfolio is conceived so as to enable the franchised web author to test the feasibility of his/her project, by securing the web-sustained expansion of his/her personal portfolio (Netfolio = Starter level) into the professional dimension.
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