Testfolio Alpha

Version 3.6/2021
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Please Proceed to Gate 2014

I will not tell you more at this stage, since I am through with the purpose of this Testfolio Alpha, which was to bring about my Profolio 2014, dedicated to the further development of all issues raised in 2013 throughout the Webfolio-sustained publication of my web service under (organic) incubation.
I would also like to take the opportunity of this brief redirection to draw your attention on yet another possible application of the functionalities of a blog page, which, as an aggregator of multithematic playlists (into a Playfolio for example), enables to compile multi-format space-time matrices to be explored both for fun and further research.
In the event you get stuck with your burgeoning deliveries, do not forget that my overall program status update pertaining to all things NetPlusUltra can be consulted any time on my Dashfolio for the year in progress. As for my pre-audit debriefing for the year 2013, you will find it in the corresponding RSS feed.


Masterfolio NetPlusUltra®...

In terms of concept demonstration, the Testfolio Alpha is to the Netfolio (as a guarantees of the moral eligibility of the project initiator’s profile), what the Testfolio Omega is to the Profolio (as an evidence for the self-sustainability of the proof-tested solution): the other side of one and the same balanced sheet of accounts, conceptually optimized by the franchised web author thereof.
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