Testfolio Alpha

Version 3.6/2021
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Your Multiverse: Eligible!

As soon as your Netfolio is in place (to frame the networkability of the personal dimensions of your life project), you will be enabled to turn to the implementation of the Profolio extension thereof (professional networkability) for the next accounting period, without having to worry about letting it grow at the same main domain address registered in your author name.
If you already had an idea before engaging into the development of your Netfolio, and if that embryo survived the exercice (just as mine survived Windows XP), or if you found some inspiration on the occasion, you should seriously consider creating a dedicated Testfolio such as the present one, which lays the groundwork for my 2014 Profolio (under construction since 2000, just to set the record straight).
Don't take it too easy! It is not the raw idea which is burgeoning in your head that is eligible to protection under the European code of intellectual property, but rather the incubation process by which it is up to you alone to turn it into something viable. If you want to prove the originality of that idea, you will have to frame the formulation thereof throughout all necessary conceptual dimensions, with a view to demonstrating in how far the resulting process capitalizes upon the value added each step of the way).
As a responsible author who wants to give his/her project a chance to survive the existing virtual jungle, you must have perfect systemic subject matter competence over your solution, so as to be able to defend your perimeter against those countless predators so eager to make it their own (i.e. to literally take the credit). At this stage, the difficult part is about "knowing how" to provide only such information which is necessary and sufficient (about the principle), without revealing anything (regarding the specifications). Indeed, it is only when a demonstration is self-explaining that transparency effectively protects.
This is precisely the flaw onto which my web concept grafts itself sustainably, since the NetPlusUltra® Netfolio is just a multipoint of entry into a web incubation process which can be the beginning of a great adventure, or else turn into a complete nightmare. Whether you have a precise idea in mind or not, it is provided with a view to guiding you through the NetPlusUltra® Profolio level, so as to enable you to secure your own (fee paying) access to my (future) Extranet+Ultra® (2015+) forum directory. The Webfolio experience (= Netfolio + Profolio) is therefore to be understood as a self-alignment process with my NetPlusUltra® web franchising system.
It is as prospective users of this conceptual management interface in the making (over which I already have legal ownership and responsibility, as the legitimate author thereof) that you, as future affiliates, will progressively be empowered to help transform this massively leaking bucket most commonly referred to as the Internet (also defined as an Open Systems Interconnection) into an unique NetPlusUltra® franchising network provided by sovereign, organically grown member entities capitalizing on one and the same conceptually fraud-proof intraconnections matrix (which I coined CSI, for Concept Systems Intraconnection).
Intraconnection means that all independent member entities of this future NetPlusUltra® system will be enabled to capitalize on the same conceptual core matrix (dedicated to the formula of the same name, which authorizes only virtuous cycles), so as to sustain their convergence towards a shared vision of the future (unlike the existing World Wide Web, which just abandons everyone to the growing shitiness of things). Organic (networking) means that every new affiliate member holding a (genuine) NetPlusUltra® licence becomes an ambassador to the web franchise, through his/her own subject-matter-specific gateway providing conceptual access to the corresponding concept solution.


Web-Oriented Master Franchise...

As a web module exclusively dedicated to squaring the problem-solving cycle pertaining to a specific issue into a concept demonstration having the force of proof in terms of feasibility, the Testfolio guarantees the conceptual integrity of the solution developed by the franchised web author.
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