Testfolio Alpha

Version 3.6/2021

The Vidourle river in Sommières

Once Upon a Time, There Was…a Pathway!

How to tell your story and keep it alive? An ambitious endeavor at a time when runaway technologies constrain those who could "make a difference" to adapt to an ever more sectarian market logic.
First step: set yourself the right goal(s). For instance, start with a humble timeline reconstitution of your life path: on the vertical axis, the (reverse) chronology of your journey so far. On the horizontal axis, as many columns as necessary and sufficient to compile an inventory of the current state of things pertaining to you: of the places where you have lived, the schools you have attended, the jobs you have held, and whatever highlights you can remember of.
This work of recollection will be the opportunity to undertake a SWOT (psycho)analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. It is not about crossing out entire sections of your memory, or exaggerating beyond measure, but about moving forward with a view to restoring the balance. To each weakness corresponds a strength at the other extreme of the axial logic: it is up to you to identify the potential for improvement towards self-centeredness.
The resulting synoptic chart will help you get organized. The "schools" and "jobs" headings will constitute the backbone of your resume, whereas the places of life and other highlights will provide further material for the "life project website" (or reader’s guide) thereto.
Now that your perimeters are well defined and that you are aware of your internal and external limitations (those upon which you feel you have only limited leverage), the time has come to put your Netfolio into production. Don't exhaust yourself trying to circumvent the priorities. As a project pilot, it is by staying focused on what you can do "here and now" that you will set the problem-solving dynamic into motion, and ultimately overcome those hurdles.
This is where you should question your technical possibilities, since the latter represent as many constraints. In terms of intellectual property and web hosting, on the reliability axis that stretches from a web-based open source solution to the left side extreme, to an all dedicated proprietary solution at the opposite end, it is urgent to converge to the shared web hosting balance in the middle: i.e. to the point where it is important not only to keep the control over one's contents (according to the left side logic), but also to start to share a little bit more (in compliance with the right side rationale). Please refer to the Slidefolio page hereto.
Now that the short, medium and long term objectives are clear, it would be a shame to screw it all up at first shot! I will come back to all those issues throughout the making of this Testfolio, which, as a reminder, is also my pre-audit debriefing for the year 2013. And to help you set your own problem-solving dynamic into motion, I augmented each planning stage with a dedicated Slidefolio, which you will find in the Multimedia library. Vintage effectology guaranteed.


Web-Oriented Master Project...

As a complement to the franchised web author’s CV matrix, to which the Infolio module is dedicated, the Testfolio will serve to emphasize the (more or less recent) events which - as part of the individual’s educational and professional journey - (have) had a particular impact on the elaboration of the idea at the source of his/her web project.
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