Testfolio Alpha

Version 3.6/2021
DeLorean DMC-12

Foreword to this v3.0/2019

This second overall remastering brings mostly graphic and ergonomic enhancements, without modifying the initial content-based rationale of the underlying concept demonstration track:
  1. the "Flip" theme template has been replaced with "Forward", by the same developer;
  2. the photo gallery stack of the Slidefolio pages 1 to 4 has been replaced with a more versatile Filter stack;
  3. the native RapidWeaver blog page has been replaced with an entirely customizable blog creation stack.
All these changes are reflected in the End Credits (1) section hereto.
The improvements brought to the present augmented Bookfolio aim at:
  1. bringing to the fore the retro-prospectivation potential inherent in such an entirely customizable blog page, as shown here by a simple reversal of the footer's Categories and Tags menus;
  2. adding a few more book-based "checklist" references (indexed under "Version 3.0"), now that the concept demo track is complete from the Alpha point of departure (2) to the Omega finishing line (3);
  3. expanding the retro-prospectives with a few more subject-matter-related throughcuts, such as the "Internet Governance" and "Imagineering (&) Anamnesis" categories.
That being said, everyone knows now what type of input the intellect needs to be fed in order to enable itself to develop its DeLorean potential (4).
I wish you a pleasant convective acceleration…

Playfolios en développement

FR • La machine à explorer le temps
EN • The Time Machine
DE • Die Zeitmaschine
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